Robot of the day: May 23

In an on-going quest to lower its duty cycle, 8er7 parked the truck in an out-of-the-way spot and descended to the ground to spend some time sampling the EMR and charging its batteries. After some time on the a cat approached. By way of introduction, 8er7 reached out an end effector to the cat, who sniffed at it tentatively, ultimately unimpressed with what the robot might have had to offer.


Robot of the day: May 21

I said: “I can’t. I don’t have time– it’s late. Goodnight!”

The robot said: “I’m going to sit here with this camera. You can spare 10 minutes– no more than that. Just draw something; it doesn’t need to be a masterpiece.”

Thanks for the reminder, robots.


Robot of the day: Inktober 2017 collection

We’ve got a few of these booklets left! US$20 with free shipping. To order please email robotoftheday-at–gmail-dot—com. First come, first served! Shipping within USA only. Details: 8.5 x11 (US letter) sized, 34 pages on heavyweight gloss paper. All 31 illustrations for Inktober 2017. The robots will include a few random bonus surprises such as buttons, doodles, stickers, etc. Beepboop! (Thanks!)