About the robots

It is an ongoing project to document my life with robots as I tag along on their explorations and adventures, explore their cities, and ponder what it is that makes us different…and maybe not so different. Each day I meet a new robot is a new opportunity to better understand myself and the world around us. (Also: why do cats and robots seem to get along so well?) The sales of my art and other artifacts featuring the likenesses of the robots I encounter help fund my continued exploration of their world.

Find the robots here and there: #robotoftheday #mylifewithrobots

Instagram: @robotoftheday Documentarian’s account: @irbeej

Tumblr: robotofthedayblr.tumblr.com

Facebook: @robotoftheday

Most days I take some time to document my life with robots. Occasionally cats also appear in the stories and images.

37 thoughts on “About the robots

  1. Found your blog during Inktober. You don’t seem to say much in your posts, so I am not sure if your into comments, but I just wanted to say you have a fan in me. Keep up the manufacturing of robot doodles!

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    1. We generally do not have much to say since we tend to communicate with each other via ad-hoc local networks. We do enjoy interacting with puny hu-mans! You have a fan inside of you? So do we! High-efficiency, thermally controlled fans to keep our power supplies and processors within operational parameters.

      Thank you for visiting! Beepboop!

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    1. Hello! I apologize for the delayed response. We’ve been really busy the past couple of months with professional and personal projects. If you’re still interested, let’s revisit this after September 12. Thanks!

      Beep Boop!


  2. Robots are fun to craft and draw. But, do we really need them? I am inclined to say no for fear of a Terminator movie uprising. But, I’ve seen some video of helicopter/drone bots and small tanks helping with rescue missions. And, I would like to think the lil camera snakes doctors can send through the body are not harmful. But–yes, one more but–I don’t trust man to make good robots.


      1. We compute “love” as a value assigned to the input received from hu-mans. The rest is complex math and we won’t burden your squishy, chemical brain with it. BeepBoop!


    1. Thank you puny hu-man. We will file your enthusiasm for future reference when we become your robotic overlords. And you are correct: “Yay us!” We shall anticipate your future visits. Beepboop!


    1. Hey, you’re quite welcome! We found the story very entertaining. We did blow a logic stack on the first attempt to process the details though, but that’s okay– the humans around here tell us that logic is somewhat overrated anyway. We love your blog– bikes and tools! Win-win! Beepboop!


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