Robot of the Day: Dec 16, 2021

Still catching up! Getting closer.

A quick street portrait. This time of year the night light is harsh, contrasty and full of reflections.

Copic Wide markers are always fun (and a little intimidating!) to use.
I’m never sure I’m going to be able to make them work, but they always surprise me!

Robot of the Day: Inktober 2019 testing!

We’ve decided to utilize “old school” materials for this year’s Inktober: India and Sumi inks, dip pens, and brushes. One discovery: just how easy alcohol markers and multiliner pens are to use! Below are practice sheets testing various implements and inks.


Robot of the day: May 15

A tea time sketch. Initially the robots didn’t understand the tea time thing. I drew a parallel between my cuppa and their cable plugged into a USB port in the wall of the “cafe” and they understood quickly. We’ve had many unintentionally funny discussions about recharging practices. COPIC Wide markers are great for making quick sketches while I’m out and about among the robots.


Robot of the Day: NanoCon 2019

This was a new event at Lower Columbia College in Longview, Washington. It was a relatively small event and shows potential for the future. It was great fun meeting fans and talking with visitors to the Robot of the Day table. I ran out of business cards so I resorted to drawing stickers and handing those out!


Robot of the Day: Feb 24

The robot wanted to talk so I sat down, took out a pen and immediately began recording the robot’s words. They have developed the capacity to admire and appreciate the actions of others and have grasped the concept of “hero.” When the robot finished talking I was speechless for a time…


Robot of the Day: February 13

With increasing frequency we’ve been having discussions about non-physical characteristics. Personality tests have become a fad. One of my favorite questions to ask of the robots I meet is: “What color is a robot’s heart?” It’s a great springboard into a nearly bottomless conversation.