Robot of the Day: The Unmapped Areas

One: The Unmapped Areas
While documenting my life with robots I would occasionally hear stories about desolate, troublesome areas beyond the boundaries of the robots’ knowledge. The nature of these areas seem to confound any attempts at exploration and reliable documentation. Each time I heard these stories I’d ask the storyteller to take me out to the Unmapped Area so that I could witness with my own senses. But the robots were either unwilling or — more likely — unable to guide me as their own memories were corrupted to some degree by the EM noise that seemed to be present in these wastes far outside where reasonable robots roamed. Eventually I found my guides: Two robots, Feld and Terlo, that had heard of my desire to explore beyond what was known promised to take me out on their next trip. They claimed to be well prepared, and had been to the Fringes, and beyond, several times, and had created an analog map. Their pen-and-paper measure against memory corruption marked the location of a structure they wished to explore.

Say something, puny hu-man! Beepboop!

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