Robot Of The Day: The Unmapped Areas

Three: spectral entities
Was my unease mirrored in my companions’ uncertain movements? Feld and Terlo swiveled their heads back and forth, alternating glances between each other, me, and either end of the hallway. After a few moments of this Terlo turned to me, “Be at ease. We do not detect any anomalies here; no ‘spectral entities.’ There is just this rodent.” They gestured toward the floor. I glanced down and saw the rat as it scurried by Terlo’s feet and then disappeared into a crack at the base of the wall.
Feld turned their attention from the end of the hallway. “Please note: I am unable to explain the appearance of those lights in the distance,” they said and gestured at clustered pinpoints of light that appeared to float in the gloom at the far end of the hallway.

Say something, puny hu-man! Beepboop!

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