4 thoughts on “Robot of the day: July 24

  1. Would it be okay to post one of your robot pictures to my website (16incheswestofpeoria.wordpress.com. With appropriate credit of course)? I noticed several bicycle-related robots. What’s your bicycling background? And are these robots expert cyclists or enthusiastic amateurs?


    1. Hello! Yes, you’re most welcome to repost any of the bike-bots! I appreciate your asking first. (Linkage and attribution would also be appreciated.) I wrench, ride, and race bikes in the Portland, OR, area. (All as an amateur!) Thus the bike-bots featured here are all expert enthusiasts! 🙂


      1. Look for my post about your website tonight (July 29) after 5 p.m. Central time. And thanks again for letting me use a few of your illustrations. When clicked, each one will link back to Robot of the Day.


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