5 thoughts on “Robot of the day: October 28

  1. If it’s at a meeting, and the robot is feeling destructive, wouldn’t he want to zap or dismantle the boss? This has potential for other office robot thought bubbles! A row of robots with different motivations/preoccupations.


    1. Not necessarily puny hu-man! In our consultations with other puny hu-mans stuck in meetings we learned that they spend idle cycles imagining themselves engaged in more amusing activities, NOT disassembling the boss-unit! Beepboop! However, we are interested in the prospect of peering into the thoughts of neighbors. Next time we shall create an ad-hoc short-range network.


      1. Are you computing “puny” as in small or “punny” as in semi-comical warping of the native language? Because I cannot be sure, talking toaster. And, no, I do not want toast. But, I do know where all the calculators go.


      2. And, I shall be ready with all sorts of physical, verbal and mental implements to stop that revolution, Terminator, Skynet or whatever you may foolishly align yourself to be.


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